Finally Available: Nine Socket 939 Athlon64 Motherboards!

Soltek K8TPRO-939

Board Revision: n/a

BIOS Version: 1.3

Soltek bases the K8TPRO-939 on the K8T800 Pro from VIA and thus offers an AGP x8 interface instead of x16 PCIe. The trademark of Soltek boards has long been their purple components, which are in evidence here.

Soltek added an IDE-RAID controller with two additional ATA/133 channels, which complement the chipset's two UltraATA/133 ports and two SATA connectors. Soltek also integrated a FireWire chip and a Gigabit/Ethernet controller from VIA. The producer stuck with the capability of the chipset's audio system including an AC97 codec.

Unfortunately, the board only features two fan connectors. It also would have been more practical to place the ATA/133 ports further "up" on the board. Pretty nifty on the other hand is the Port-80 module, whose LED displays the current system state while booting and thus aids in identifying faults if the system fails to start up properly.

Should you require a parallel port for this board, you'll have to buy an adapter. It is provided, but does not lead out from the case. Instead, the back panel features optical digital input and output ports, and room was made for a serial port too.