Finally Available: Nine Socket 939 Athlon64 Motherboards!

EPoX EP-9NDA3+, Continued

Included Software

EPoX has included a Flash utility that lets you run a BIOS update under Windows (MagicBIOS). Beyond that, there's also a 90-day test version of Symantec Internet Security 2004.

Wasay Pro Magic Plus can set restore points that allow you to restore defined system states if need be. Wasay is activated every time you boot and launches before the Windows interface. But we had a tough time indeed with this tool, because instead of helping it turned out to be a real pain: our Windows installation signed off in a flash.

The last program in the bundle is called Wasay ImageIt and is used to create partition images. But its professional application may be limited by the fact that only FAT16/FAT32 partitions can be entered as targets.