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AMD FirePro W8100 Review: The Professional Radeon R9 290

DirectX 11 Gaming: 3840x2160

DirectX: Gaming at 3840x2160

At Ultra HD, it's difficult to push playable frame rates using one graphics card (particularly if the most taxing quality settings are important to you). More interesting to us is how the FirePro W8100 stacks up against the rest of the field.

The Quadro K6000's 18-percent lead over AMD's FirePro W8100 is cut in half to nine percent, and the new Hawaii-based board gains on the Radeon R9 290 as well. It almost catches up to the GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3 GB as well, cutting the consumer card’s 14-percent lead down to only two percent.

Overall, the FirePro's position in this field is acceptable, seeing that gaming is not the point of a workstation graphics card anyway.