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AMD FirePro W8100 Review: The Professional Radeon R9 290

SPECviewperf 12: Showcase, Siemens NX and SolidWorks

Showcase 2013

AMD's FirePro W8100 clearly beats the older FirePro W9000 and W8000. Naturally, it can't touch the W9100 though, and it trails Nvidia's first-place Quadro K6000. Still, the Hawaii-powered board is twice as fast as the K5000 based on GK104.

Siemens NX 8.0

Even though the FirePro W8100 lands behind AMD's W9100 (by roughly the same distance we saw in the previous chart), it does manage to pull ahead of AMD's previous-generation professional products. Its predecessor, the W8000, barely outperforms the Quadro K5000. But FirePro W8100 wrecks them both.

SolidWorks 2013 SP1

AMD's FirePro W8100 comes in just behind the W9000, which, in turn, loses to the flagship W9100.

Unfortunately, that finish isn't enough to keep up with Nvidia's top Quadro cards. The K6000 and K5000 finish well ahead of their competition. As you can imagine, then, the performance difference between the FirePro W9000 and Quadro K5000 is humbling, yielding another situation where AMD’s driver team has their work cut out for them.