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AMD Bulldozer Review: FX-8150 Gets Tested

Benchmark Results: Media Encoding

Notoriously single-threaded iTunes does AMD’s flagship no favors, dumping it at the back of the pack after exposing its inability to keep up with the previous architecture running at 3.7 GHz (even when it’s hitting frequencies as high as 4.2 GHz thanks to Turbo Core).

MainConcept turns things around, taxing all of Zambezi’s resources and putting the FX-8150 in second place between both Sandy Bridge-based competitors. Thuban’s six cores land the Phenom II X6 in fourth place, followed by Bloomfield and Deneb.

The same goes for HandBrake, which puts FX-8150 right below Core i7-2600K. Phenom II X6 1100T passes Core i5, though, giving it the third-place finish.