AMD Bulldozer Review: FX-8150 Gets Tested

Benchmark Results: Crysis 2

We’re testing three games today: Crysis 2, F1 2011, and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, representing a trio of very different genres.

Crysis 2, our first-person shooter, is indicative of the most visually-engaging GPU-bound titles currently compelling gamers to spend lots of cash on multi-card CrossFire and SLI setups. This is the sort of app AMD would most like you to associate with FX. It’s not going to matter if you buy a $250 processor or a $1000 chip—graphics potential is what determines overall performance.

From 1680x1050 to 2560x1600, using either DirectX 9 or 11, the results are pretty much even. We'll tentatively call this promising, pending more processor-bound games.