The GeForce 7900GS is Nvidia's New Mid-Range

Doom 3

Doom 3 is typically dominated by Nvidia as that company's core design was matched to this game; its double Z buffering for stencil shadows has always given it an edge. Again here, we see that at the lowest settings, the GeForce 7800GT beats the reference clocked GeForce 7900GS. When the frame rates and image quality are turned up, the GeForce7900GS starts to shine.

Black & White 2

Where Doom 3 is dominated by Nvidia based cards, Black & White 2 - with its heavy use of pixel shaders for hair, foliage and water - puts ATI in the driver's seat. The need for shader horsepower in Black & White 2 allows the GeForce 7900GS to show what it is made of; it can outperform the GeForce 7800GT by a frame or two.