The GeForce 7900GS is Nvidia's New Mid-Range


We are excited to see more cards arriving at the mid-level ranges; $200-250 video cards make playing new games within the reach of those with more modest budgets. We are also happy to see the new fan controls providing better acoustics.

While some GeForce 7900GS cards are available at higher clock speeds, the PNY is set to the Nvidia specification. There have been concerns about overclocked factory cards and some people have told us some horror stories about 7900GT cards. For those who are cautious, the PNY card is clocked at what Nvidia specified, and there should not be any issues with the new GeForce 7900GS.

We don't really understand why PNY provides something called a "lifetime warranty" that does not necessarily cover the lifetime of the graphics card. Many owners have their cards for more than three years in one box; it is also not uncommon for enthusiasts to replace a card and use the old one in another machine.

Overall, the new cards are a welcome addition to the market for those seeking gaming performance at a frugal price point. ATI brought better performance to the $275-300 range and now Nvidia has done it at the $200-250 range. If you like to overclock and save money at the same time, the GeForce 7900GS is a solid performer worth looking at.

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