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Five Overclocked GeForce GTX 560 Ti Cards, Compared

Not Quite Extreme, Way Beyond Mainstream

What do you call a hardcore gamer who can’t afford the fastest parts, yet won’t settle for much less? We like to call them enthusiasts. But then again, we think the weekend warrior who spends six weeks in his garage turning a $3000 sedan into a race car is a bit more enthusiastic than the guy who buys a $150 000 status symbol. In the computer world, that’s what overclocking is often about.

The GeForce GTX 560 Ti was designed for just such a market. Unfortunately, not all graphics cards are created equal. Factory overclocked parts satisfy a third market, giving potential overclockers a chance to taste the performance of high-end parts when he may otherwise have been unable to “catch a break” in his own overclocking attempts. This is guaranteed speed without the prestigious model name that goes with it.

Only five of the many brands vying for this market were able to supply cards in time for today’s comparison. Before we set out to establish performance and value leadership, let’s take a look at the specifications of each competitor. 

GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1 GB Comparison Specifications
Asus ENGTX560TI DCIITOP/2DI/1GD5Gigabyte GV-N560SO-1GIMSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC Palit GTX560Ti SonicSparkle Calibre X560Sparkle SX560T1024D5MH
GPU Clock900 MHz1000 MHz880 MHz900 MHz1000 MHz820 MHz
DRAM Data RateGDDR5-4200GDDR5-4580GDDR5-4200GDDR5-4200GDDR5-4800GDDR5-4008
DVITwo Dual-LinkTwo Dual-LinkTwo Dual-LinkTwo Dual-LinkTwo Dual-LinkTwo Dual-Link
VGABy AdapterBy AdapterBy AdapterOnboardBy AdapterBy Adapte
Output AdaptersDVI to VGA Full HDMIDVI to VGA HDMI CableDVI to VGA Full HDMINoneDVI to VGA HDMI CableDVI to VGA Full HDMI
Total Thickness1.5"1.5"1.5"1.6"2.4"1.5"
Cooler Thickness1.4"1.4"1.4"1.4"2.2"1.4"
Weight24 Ounces22 Ounces24 Ounces19 Ounces24 Ounces22 Ounces
PCB VersionC1040P R1.00CustomCustomCustomP1040P1040
VRMSeven PhasesSeven PhasesSix PhasesFive PhasesFour PhasesFour Phases
WarrantyThree YearsThree YearsThree YearsTwo YearsLifetimeLifetime

One company sent a second, standard-speed part to set the reference by which we could judge the level of improvement for other products. While it would be easy to simply hand a top-speed award to the fastest card, differences in warranty, price, and functionality make today’s comparison a true competition.