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GeForce GTX 580 And GF110: The Way Nvidia Meant It To Be Played

Benchmark Results: Civilization 5 (DX11)

Civilization 5 is a tough title to test, and yet we wanted to include it to complement all of the first-person shooters in our benchmark suite. The interesting news here is that, while most developers are using DirectX 11 to improve the visual quality of their games, Firaxis uses it to help augment performance via tessellation.

As a result, our lineup of DirectX 11-class cards posts incredibly high frame rates. The leader benchmark displays a number of the game’s commanding units, rendered in 300+ frame animations. Its performance demonstrates the placing we’d roughly expect, albeit at those insane frame rates.

The map view test involves presiding over an actual game map and measuring performance zoomed into and out of the world view. Frame rates there are a little less consistent here, though it’s worth noting that any of these cards yield playable performance with all of the game’s detail settings maxed out.