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OpenCL And CUDA Are Go: GeForce GTX Titan, Tested In Pro Apps

OpenGL: TcVis And NX

Siemens Teamcenter Visualization Mockup (tvcis-02)

As we saw in the Pro/ENGINEER benchmark, these numbers show why it's better to use professional-class hardware and drivers for workstation-oriented software. AMD's Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition is the only card that even comes close to being usable, and when we say it comes close, we don’t mean it actually gets there. The GeForce GTX Titan’s performance is nowhere near acceptable for this type of work.

Siemens NX (snx-01)

The same picture emerges once again. AMD's Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition manages a frame rate that's three times as fast as the Titan.

We know from the numbers we're running for our workstation story that Nvidia's Quadro cards are highly competitive in professional applications. The same cannot be said about the company's desktop-oriented boards, though. Apart from EnSight and Maya, even a $1,000 GeForce GTX Titan just isn't usable.