GeForce2 MX Shootout

The Competition

Asus V7100 2V1D

Asus will be offering a couple of V7100 variants so we've decided to review the 2V1D for this contest. This model is a standard 32 MB (6ns) SDR GeForce2 MX with a DVI-I secondary output. Although this board doesn't offer TV-out, the other available V7100 does should you need it. The board comes shipped with: a DVI to VGA converter, Asus video driver, Asus utilities (SmartDoctor and Overclock), Asus Software DVD player, Soldier of Fortune, 3Deep software and an excellent manual. The package will retail for about $189.

Of all the cards tested, only the Asus and SUMA boards had the dual VGA-out capability. The use of the DVI to VGA converter was necessary but painless to install and the connection was firm once everything was screwed down. Since the DVD playback was nearly useless when using TwinView, the Spanning Mode was the most useful option and worked best when the second output was another monitor. The only problem I ran into was the inability to adjust the second output's refresh rate. The output was at 85Hz so I wasn't upset but this might be an issue for others using an older monitor. Unfortunately my Flat Panel hadn't arrived yet so I was unable to test the DVI-I capability.