GeForce2 MX Shootout

SUMA GeForce2 MX

SUMA is providing a very complete GeForce2 MX solution, as it will be shipping with 32 MBS of 5.5ns memory (our test sample had 6ns), 2 VGA outputs (no converter), and a S-Video out (Chrontel 7008). The board comes with the bare essentials: Driver, SoftDVD player, and an above average manual. This package will only cost $150.

There is one big hitch with SUMA however; you can't buy this brand in the US yet. It seems SUMA is having issues finding a distributor to carry their products in North America and is only available in Korea, Japan and South America. They're desperately looking to change this but until then, those of us not in the available areas will not have this brand as an option.

The output quality of SUMA's S-Video and VGA outputs is excellent. The S-Video clarity was nearly as good as the MSI offering but had slightly bend edges that kept it from a tie. The colors were off in the same way that the MSI was as well. The VGA output required no converter plug because the board doesn't have a DVI-I connection but rather a standard VGA connection. The output quality of the VGA port was essentially the same as the Asus offering. To me this is very important as I find dual monitor availability the most useful feature of TwinView since the TV-out usefulness is limited due to the low-resolution screen. Both screens were running 1024x768x32 @ 85Hz without a hitch (aside from the DVD playback limitation).