GeForce2 MX Shootout

Prolink is shipping their PixelView GeForce2 MX with the standard 32 MBs of 6ns SDR and coupling with S-Video/Composite out connections (Chrontel 7005 encoder). The PixelView package contains: drivers/utility disk, SoftDVD player, cable for composite input and an average manual. This product will be available for an incredibly low price of $129.

The PixelView board has not only S-Video but also a composite output. This can be handy if your TV doesn't have S-Video and no converter cable handy. The output of the card was actually good aside from the colors being off. I still think the MSI was clearer but this was definitely better than the Leadtek output. Once again the use of TwinView had no effect on S-Video output quality as we've seen with other competitors.