GeForce2 MX Shootout

MS StarForce 816

MSI's StarForce 816 offers the same hardware options as the Leadtek board with 32 MBs of 6ns SDR memory and S-Video output (Conexant Bt869 encoder). The retail package contains: Minor documentation and a single CD with the drivers/utilities/SoftDVD. The retail price for this box is $149.

I was surprised that the package didn't come with an S-Video cable because not everyone has one sitting around. This didn't bother me very long as I tested the S-Video output and found what was to be the best of the bunch. The output was still a little off-colored but the clarity was by far the highest overall with little to no wavy edges or screen artifacts. It's unfortunate that I couldn't watch a DVD movie while using TwinView to take advantage of such good output. S-Video visual output quality in TwinView mode was just as good as single non-TwinView S-Video mode.