GeForce2 MX Shootout

Test Setup

Graphics Cards and Drivers
Asus V7100
ELSA Gladiac MX
Leadtek GeForce2 MX
MS StarForce 816
Prolink PixelView GeForce2 MX
SUMA GeForce2 MX
Platform Information
Motherboard Asus CUSL2
Memory 128 MB Crucial PC133 CAS2
Network Netgear FA310TX
Environment Settings
OS Version Windows 98 SE 4.10.2222 A
DirectX Version 7.0
Quake 3 Arena Retail version
command line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0
Evolva Rolling Demo v1.2 Build 944
Standard command line = -benchmark
Bump Mapped command line = -benchmark -dotbump

Test Notes

I've provided data in the past few chipset reviews to give you an idea of where the GeForce2 MX sits in the midst of what's currently available. Also, as we've seen before, there is really no point in comparing these very similarly boards. They're using the same configuration aside from maybe what SUMA may be shipping. With that in mind, I've limited the test results provided to show that they're dead even with each other. I've also used the resolutions of 640x480-1152x864 because these cards aren't quiet the powerhouse that the GeForce2 GTS is. If you need to see how this chipset compares with the rest of the available chipsets, refer to the latest Detonator 3 article's results .

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