GeForce256 and the First T&L-Title

The Benchmark Results - Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens 16 Bit

It's pretty easy to run this benchmark; it's set up automatically when you install the game. Our expectations are clear. GeForce is the only one of all the chips that has a T&L-engine, and that or a very powerful CPU is what's definitely required in a game that uses so many polygons. Thus we expect GeForce to score well ahead of the rest and to only drop a bit at very high resolutions and 32-bit color depth, where memory bandwidth restricts GeForce's performance.

This may be pretty much the only resolution and color depth that lets you get some kind of pleasant experience with a card that lacks a T&L-engine. GeForce scores around 60 fps, which is certainly good enough.

At 1024x768 it's already getting touchy, average frame rates around 30 fps aren't really good enough for future game play of Experience. GeForce scores around 50 fps, which is still respectable.

I doubt that it's fun running Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens at 1600x1200x16 with any of the cards. GeForce scores some 25-30% ahead of the rest, but 30 fps don't really cut it.