Gigabyte 3D Cooler Pro

Everything Is Variable: Speed, Noise Level And Cooling Capacity

The 3D-Cooler Pro is a unique fan that satisfies the expectations of every user when it comes to cooling capacity and noise level because it is equipped with a rheostat, which allows the rotational speed to be varied infinitely between 2000 and 4000 rpm.

The rheostat can either be mounted on the back of the PC (PCI slot insert), or, even more comfortable for the user, on the front of the case in a 3.5 inch drive bay.


Gigabyte sends you different clips. Therefore, the GH-PCU21-VG fits AMD's processors like the Athlon XP (socket A), and its Athlon 64 (socket 754), as well as Intel's Pentium 4 (socket 478).

Thanks to the well-illustrated instruction guide, the installation is very unproblematic.

A syringe with thermal paste comes with the package as well.

Blue Tower Of Light

Gigabyte's uniquely designed fan with four blue LED's on the top will cause the heart of every case-modding fan palpitate wildly with excitement.