Gigabyte 3D Cooler Pro

A Cooler Debut

Ninety-nine percent of the CPU coolers on the market follow a simple principle of construction: a trellis of cooling fins is mounted on a base plate, which is several millimetrers thick. An axial flow fan blows cooler air onto the heat sink, causing heat to dissipate quickly into its surroundings. So far, two types of models have become widely accepted: one is made out of cost-efficient aluminium, the other out of expensive copper, which also has better heat conductivity.

Gigabyte's design of its very first cooler, the 3D Cooler Pro GH-PCU21-VG, has a construction that is radically different from that of its predecessors: Gigabyte replaces the conventional axial flow fan with a cylindrical air scoop that causes radial airflow by drawing in the air from above, and blowing it out radially.

Gigabyte's cooling tower weighs 430 grams and 88 millimeters high