Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Super Windforce OC, Gaming OC Review: Super Performance, Good Cooling

Three fans or two?

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Moving up to a middling resolution, the GTX 2060 Super cards are able to produce 60 fps or more in all but Metro: Exodus where they edged over 46 fps. Here as well, we in general see the Gaming OC version take a slight lead over the Windforce due to clock speeds as expected. The RTX 2070 consistently beat the 2060 Super cards, although not by much.

At this resolution, the RTX 2060 Super cards can plow through an majority of titles at 60 fps or higher. High-Hz gaming is possible in some of the lighter titles including Battlefield V, Forza Horizon 4, Strange Brigade and The Witcher 3. While that isn’t 144 Hz/fps, it’s a lot more than 60 fps and is still a good gaming experience.

Division 2

Strange Brigade

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Metro Exodus

Grand Theft Auto V

Forza Horizon 4

Final Fantasy XV

Far Cry 5

Battlefield 5

The Witcher 3

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  • nofanneeded
    People should punish nvidia for releasing the RTX Super late .. this should be the real RTX.

    I boycotted nvidia after this "super" cheating. what they do is trying to trick AMD , but they dont care about us consumers. MANY people I know who bought the non Super Version switched to AMD and got the Radeon VII.
  • N_tell
    nofanneeded said:
    MANY people I know who bought the non Super Version switched to AMD and got the Radeon VII.
    Why the VII, you could acquire the RTX 2080 s in the same price range, or purchase an RTX 2070s for less. They're, not bad options.