Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming 1200 W PSU Review

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Protection Features

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Protection Features
OCP12V: - 5V: 35.3 A (160.5%) 3.3V: 37.7 A (150.8%) 5VSB: 5.4 A (216%)
OPP1390.13 W (116%)
OTPYes (> 50 °C ambient)
SCP12V: Yes 5V: Yes 3.3V: Yes 5VSB: Yes -12V: Yes
PWR_OKDoes not function correctly
SIPSurge: MOV Inrush: NTC & Bypass Relay

The OCP triggering points on all rails are quite high, especially on the 5VSB rail. Fortunately, load regulation and ripple suppression never go out of spec. We do see, however, that once the OCP at 5VSB is activated, it needs quite some time till the rail, and consequently the PSU, returns to its normal state. At first we thought the XP1200M broke. But after 5-10 minutes the 5VSB rail started working again. Without that rail, the PSU naturally cannot start.

The OPP point is set at a normal level, and there is over-temperature protection in place. Moreover, all rails are protected against shorts, and the PSU has no problem operating with minimal load on its rails.

Lastly, as mentioned, the power-good signal is inaccurate since it drops after the rails go out of spec, and not before.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • turkey3_scratch
    Yawn. It's loud. Might not be too loud in most people's cases where the unit is sucking cool air from underneath the computer, and where they overestimate their power requirements, but it's still way too loud. If they're going to make the fan that aggressive, they should give it a longer warranty. Give it an ol' 11 year warranty to beat the competition at least.

    The only way Gigabyte is going to sell this at whatever price is if they do some marketing. "Nvidia Gigabyte GPUs work best with Gigabyte PSU" and people will buy it.
  • powernod
    Enhance continoues its mediocre performance!!
    The only series i can remember, in which Enhance showed some very good results were the Thermaltake's GRAND Platinum line.
    Besides that,..... just mediocre !!
  • Vorador2
    When i saw that it used the word "xtreme" (ugh) and "gaming" together in the name of the product i knew it was going to be either overpriced or underperforming. Or both.
  • DotNetMaster777
    Built by enhance electronics but only five years warranty !
  • Sam Hain
    In the 1.2kw range... The EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2 is a great buy @$230 (or so), awesome specs and performance across-the-board and some of the highest customer ratings to back it's build quality.