Good things come in small packages: Waitec Action 8/ LiteOn 851S

Benchmark Results

DVD Data Transfer Diagram

CD Data Transfer Diagram

DVD Extraction

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ASUS DRW-0402P/D14:0112:3912:3912:3712:39
Gigabyte GO-W0404A18:0812:4012:3612:3712:38
MSI DR4-A19:2313:5013:4913:5913:49
MSI DR8-A13:2609:1709:1709:1609:16
Waitec Action 813:4212:3412:3612:3112:36

Audio Extraction

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CD RippingSVCD (Nero)Audio CDAudio CD-R
ASUS DRW-0402P/D1200194203
Gigabyte GO-W0404A160170155
MSI DR4-A202173158
MSI DR8-A202173158
Waitec Action 8166179160

DVD Writing

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DVD WritingDVD+R 8xDVD+R 4xDVD-R 4xDVD+RW 4xDVD+RW 2,4xDVD-R 2x
ASUS DRW-0402P/Dna14:2514:34na22:3028:39
Gigabyte GO-W0404An/a14:1514:2914:0127:53 (2x)28:31
MSI DR4-Ana14:5714:35n/a23:1429:02
MSI DR8-A12:34 (Verbatim)9:41(Memorex)14:3714:3413:5323:1528:55
Waitec Action 8n/a (requires 8X media)14:1914:4814:0023:4329:13