Good things come in small packages: Waitec Action 8/ LiteOn 851S

Benchmark Results, Continued


Its dimensions and weight are minimal, but it functions like a big shot. Although it cannot really be faulted, its minimally slower DVD-R write speed compared to the competition is one blemish. Apart from that, the Waitec Action 8 (identical to LiteOn 851S in North America) displayed no real shortcomings and boasts top-level read performance.

The lack of choice of write speed is certainly not a serious point for criticism. That may put off freaks, however, as may the low likelihood of finding modified firmware in the internet to remedy this. But as this is beyond the manufacturer's warranty terms, we shall return to the facts. The Waitec Action 8 is an ultra-compact 5.25" device with up-to-date specs and decent software.