Graphic Chips Review April 98

ATI Rage Pro Turbo

The picture of the Rage Pro, taken with the beta2 version of ATI's OpenGL driver, looks a lot better than what the first beta had to offer. However, please compare the corridors to the picture of the i740 above. What a difference!


Mister Ugly is again NVIDIA's RIVA chip. At least it can deliver pretty decent frame rates, but please what do you think of the tower walls, the corridors and the ladder ? Doesn't it look horrible compared to the i740 picture?


As already said, unfortunately there isn't an OpenGL driver ready for the G200 yet. However, from what I saw in all the games I've tested, G200 beats every 3D chip currently available and this includes Voodoo2. The 32 bit rendering capabilities of the G200 as well as the abilities of full scene anti-aliasing, which is not supported by any game I know yet, easily beat the hell out of the 3D abilities of any actual 3D accelerator. The RIVA still doesn't look too great, the ATI is pretty much the same but slower, the Permedia 2's 3D performance is that low that nobody even cares about its 3D quality and even the i740 doesn't live up to the standards of the G200. Voodoo2 is fast, but the lack of several 3D features can be noticed and it's only a question of weeks to months until it won't be the quality leader in Quake II as well anymore.

  • JeanLuc
    I love reading these old articles especially by Mr Toms Hardware himself Thomas Pabst.

    Look at the comments made in the conclusion, both Nvidia and ATI are getting owned by 3DFX and even more owned by 3DFX's SLI technology. How times have changed, no more 3DFX, ATI actually produce decent video cards and games running at 1680x1050 rather then a 800x600.