Graphic Chips Review April 98

ATI Rage Pro Turbo

We are getting to the bottom area of the 3D image quality. The Rage Pro can't convince with it's strong banding of the sky and the ugly clouds. It's not running fast either ...


The ugliest in this comparison is definitely NVIDIA's RIVA. not only that the clouds look like rainbows and the banding of the horizon is horrible, but the green lines of the HUD are extremely blurry as well. RIVA may be pretty fast amongst its competitors, but the image quality is pretty much the poorest around nowadays. Please don't forget that the RIVA ZX offers the same quality as RIVA 128.

  • JeanLuc
    I love reading these old articles especially by Mr Toms Hardware himself Thomas Pabst.

    Look at the comments made in the conclusion, both Nvidia and ATI are getting owned by 3DFX and even more owned by 3DFX's SLI technology. How times have changed, no more 3DFX, ATI actually produce decent video cards and games running at 1680x1050 rather then a 800x600.