Graphic Chips Review April 98

Intel I740

For some strange reason the Starfighter is giving a green glare to the smoke clouds. The sky shows some obvious banding as well.

3DLabs Permedia 2

The Permedia 2 is showing some quite impressing image quality actually, slight banding of the sky, slight rastering of the clouds. If it only weren't that slow running incoming on a Permedia 2.

  • JeanLuc
    I love reading these old articles especially by Mr Toms Hardware himself Thomas Pabst.

    Look at the comments made in the conclusion, both Nvidia and ATI are getting owned by 3DFX and even more owned by 3DFX's SLI technology. How times have changed, no more 3DFX, ATI actually produce decent video cards and games running at 1680x1050 rather then a 800x600.