Graphics Boosters For OpenGL Workstations

NVIDIA/PNY Quadro FX 3000G: The Upper-Crust Version

NVIDIA has developed the FX 3000G model for customers with very special wishes. Expect to pay an extra $1000 for the privilege. In performance terms, it's on a par with the regular FX 3000. The difference is in its extra jacks.

At the top right there's a BNC jack for the Genlock . This enables the card to be synchronized with an external reference signal. A typical application is the "House Sync" for program broadcasters (on-air broadcast). This lets you make sure that all monitors flicker uniformly, making life less strenuous for staff. The Genlock is also used for studio post-production:

  • Compositing
  • Editing solutions
  • Sync to audio
  • Sync to character generator

The two connectors resembling RJ45 network jack are for framesync . This lets you establish multi-system synchronization.

Uwe Scheffel