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Tom's Hardware Graphics Charts: Performance In 2014

DiRT 3 And BioShock Infinite

DiRT 3

The following benchmarks aren't as taxing as those on the previous page. That means dealing with much higher frame rates, even at the most demanding quality settings. High-end graphics cards can get CPU-limited pretty easily in titles like these, which is why we went with an overclocked Ivy Bridge-E-based processor.

The following video shows one of the three loops we run per resolution. Once again, we use an average of the last two runs, while the first run gets each GPU up to its operating temperature.

We made a conscious choice to use the most demanding detail settings possible in this game, since even a GeForce GTX 750 Ti cuts right through at 1920x1080. Higher resolutions are needed to push mid-range cards.

DiRT 3 - Michigan - Route 0 - 1 Car
Run 11920x1080 (1080p)API: DirectX 11Quality: UltraAnti-aliasing: 8x
Run 23840x2160 (2160p)API: DirectX 11Quality: UltraAnti-aliasing: 8x
LoopsThree per resolution; two used for evaluation

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is a good title for lower-end graphics cards as well, so we decided to include it. Our performance charts aren’t just meant for the high end, but also for regular users, after all.

We perform three benchmark runs per resolution, the first of which heats each GPU. The other two are averaged together, serving as the result in our charts section. The video shows our benchmark sequence.

And the obligatory settings:

BioShock Infinite
Run 11920x1080 (1080p)Texture Detail: UltraAF: 16xDynamic Shadows: UltraPost-processing: AlternateLight Shafts: OnAmbient Occlusion: UltraLoD: Ultra
Run 23840x2160 (2160p)Texture Detail: MediumAF: 16xDynamic Shadows: HighPost-processing: NormalLight Shafts: OnAmbient Occlusion: MediumLoD: High
LoopsThree per resolution; two used for evaluation