Two GTs Great For Gaming

EVGA 7800 GT, Continued

Features Table

Product Name EVGA 7800 GT
Manufacturer EVGA
Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT
Bus Standard PCIe
Memory 256 MB
Memory Type GDDR3
Core Clock Speed 445 MHz
Memory Clock Speed 1.07 GHz
Memory Buswidth 256 bit
Pixel Pipelines 20
Vertex Shader Units 7
3D Features
DirectX Support DirectX 9.0c
Texture Filtering Bilinear
max 16x Anisotropic
Anti-Aliasing 2x/4x/8x/16x
DVI 2x
S-Video Out Yes
TV-Out HDTV (Y, Pb, Pr) Yes
Power Cable Yes
Audio-In No
S-Video In Yes
Composite Video In Yes
Cooling Cooling Fan
Adjustable Fan-Speed Automatic
Hardware-Monitoring Automatic
DVI-I -> VGA Adaptor 2x
Cables Input-Output Cable w/ Junction Box
S-Video Cable 1x
(HDTV) YPrPb component output Yes
Software Bundle Cyberlink PowerDirector 2.55 ME Pro
Games Bundle Battlefield 2
Others/Specials N/A

Software And Accessories Bundle

The application bundle that ships with the card is fairly sparse. EVGA supplies only one piece of productivity software and one game. For productivity, the card comes with the DVD and CD movie recording program PowerDirector 2.55 ME Pro, developed by CyberLink. For gaming, it comes with Battlefield 2. This is a 'newer' title and is seen as a good value added extra to the purchase. However, EVGA has upped the ante further; they announced on October 20th that the 7800 GT will be shipping with Call of Duty 2 when it is available. Until then, consumers can register on the card maker's website and receive their copy as soon as the game hits the shelves.

The card comes with the most recent driver available at shipment, but we would always recommend updating to the latest driver, which can be obtained on NVIDIA's website. NVIDIA released the WHQL certified 80 drivers after the production of this article and the card's testing. Please see this TG Daily news article for more information.

The card comes with a complete set of cables, which earns it bonus points in our book. The long auxiliary power cable is also included, so users of older power supplies can hook up two Molex plugs to supply the 6-pin power for the graphics board.

EVGA also includes a component video cable with a breakout box. We even found strips for attaching the breakout box to the side of your case, or other desired location, for easier access inside the package. The breakout box contains the YPrPb connections for use with HDTV displays with the card's TV output. There is also one S-Video out and as well as an S-Video cable, so you can hook up to devices that adhere to that specification. Finally, the box also has S-Video and Composite input, so you can utilize the software with your camcorder or other devices.

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