Heir To The BX: 18 Pentium III Motherboards Using The 815 Chipset

Elitegroup P6ISM

Board Revision : Pre-release
BIOS Version : unknown

I’m sorry to say that I could not get the ECS board working at all. Thus the benchmark results and talk about BIOS is missing. From the hardware point of view everything is available : 3 PCI, UltraATA/66 controller, 2 DIMM sockets, Realtek LAN on-board, C-Media PCI sound chip on-board (2 line-ins), 2+2 USB ports and two fan headers. This configuration is better than average for a MicroATX motherboard.

The P6ISM seems to be perfect for standard computers within an office network. The integrated graphics will be enough for common Windows applications. If some computers need better 3D graphics performance, they can be upgraded with fast AGP cards without changing the rest of the system : The drivers for the sound and network chips will stay the same, making maintenance in a network easier.

There is enough space for a third DIMM sockel on this board. If you should want it, you may also ask for this option. I don’t expect this board to be significantly slower or faster than others, as the performance of Solano systems is quite balanced.