Heir To The BX: 18 Pentium III Motherboards Using The 815 Chipset

Jetway 616AF

Board Revision: ?
BIOS Version: A01 (July 5, 2000)

The 616AF is equipped with the ICH1 chip (UltraATA/66). Besides the common features (5 PCI, AMR, 3 DIMMs, 2+2 USB), this board has an AC97 sound system with two line-ins and a chassis intrusion detector.

The Wake On LAN jack is present, whilst Wake On Ring has not been included. Jetway uses Award's fashioned white BIOS status screen. By pressing the TAB key, you can still see the familiar Award boot up screen.

Jetway includes the option to select the AGP mode, which is basically not necessary, as the AGP will always run in the fastest possible mode.

The BIOS was slightly modified: IDE, I/O and integrated peripherals setup have been organized into new sub-menus each. Also within the BIOS you may chose FSB speeds up to 160 MHz. As with most other boards, you have to select the speed range (66/100/133 MHz) via some jumpers.

The Jetway board passed the memory test with an average result: Viking's SDRAM did not work on it, also the HSDRAM from Mushkin failed to boot. With all other memory, the system started properly and passed all tests.

The board is fast and absolutely stable. In addition, it should be available at an interesting price point.