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High Speed Burning via USB2.0 - Waitec FrisbyII

Writing Performance, Part II - Packet Writing To CD-RW

We carried out a number of tests to check the writing performance in packet writing mode. First, we timed how long it takes to completely format a disc. Then we copied (using drag and drop) a 447 MB folder from the hard disk to the CD and back again. We clocked both times using a stopwatch. The size of the files within the folder varies from one kiloByte to several megaBytes. Which makes this exercise something of a real-world test. We then quickly erased the media with CloneCD and then copied the same folder in TAO mode using Nero. Finally, we erased the disk completely with CloneCD.

Each test is repeated at least twice to check the accuracy of the measured results. These are summarized in the table below.

HS-CD-RWFormat 650 MB w InCDCopy 447 MB w InCDRead 447 MB w InCDFast Erase w Clone CDBurn 447 MB w NeroComplete Erase w CloneCD
24x10x40xLiteon LXR24101A15:1006:1603:5700:2606:0208:36
40x12x40xWaitec Frisby II11:1605:1302:1300:2405:0107:12
44x24x44xYamaha CRW-F1UX07:1802:4102:3200:2202:5503:34

Formatting operation aside, the FrisbyII, like all 12x rewriters, has a measurable (rather than noticeable) speed advantage over a 10x rewriter.

Writing Quality And Media Compatibility

Getting data onto a CD fast is one thing. No less important, however, is making sure that the data is written accurately. After all, you want to be sure you can play your CDs in any drive. Writing quality is therefore an extremely important factor.

We used six different writeable and three different rewriteable media to evaluate the writing quality across different brands.

The data was 717758 kBytes for a 700 MB CDR and 660152 kBytes for a 650 MB CD-RW. Writing method was DAO or TAO. Safelink was active during all write operations.

For the first test run we activated the Smartburn function to allow the writer to set the maximum speed. In theory, this should produce the best possible results. We examined the surface of the CD for defects (damaged or unreadable sectors) with the aid of the ScanDisk function included with Nero CD Speed.

Tested MediaCDRSizeCertified SpeedWrite SpeedStrategyManu.Good SectorsDamag-ed SectorsUnread-able SectorsWrite Time
Octron700 MB24X32XShortRitek Co.99.27%0.73%0.00%03:20
Verbatim700 MB24X32xLongMitsubishi Chemicals Corp.100.00%0.00%0.00%03:18
Tevion700 MB32X32XShortRicoh Company Ltd.100,00%0.00%0.00%03:19
TDK700 MB40X40XShortRitek Co.100.00%0.00%0.00%03:10
Traxdata700 MB48X40XLongDisc ID not allowed97.70%2.30%0.00%03:07
Traxdata700 MB40x40XShortRitek Co.100%0%0%03:08

The results shown in the above table indicate that Smartburn does not work reliably in every situation. The writing results were not ideal with the Octron and the Traxdata 48x rated discs. Still, the errors were not critical and all the data was readable, albeit not at maximum speed.