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High Speed Burning via USB2.0 - Waitec FrisbyII

Data, Audio And Error Read Performance - Summary Of Results

Waitec's FrisbyII returns very good figures in every area - fast data transfer rates (even faster than the actual 40x spec) and low seek times. Unusually, the FrisbyII turns in a very good performance with rewriteable media. Even seriously scratched CDs do not slow down the reading performance of this unit. It will be difficult to improve on these results.

Writing Performance Part I: Data CD And CD-DA

The FrisbyII writes CD-Rs at up to 40x speed. The data transfer rate increases smoothly as the writer moves closer to the outside of the disk, reaching a plateau at 70 minutes. This writing strategy is known as partial CAV (constant angular velocity). Disc rotation speed is held steady up to the 70th minute, and then reduced slightly.

Link between rotation speed (yellow line) and writing speed (green line).

The average transfer rate is 31.41x. By way of comparison, the Yamaha's CRW-F1XU 44x writer at 32.87x is only marginally faster.

Data CD, Audio CD And Data RW

For our data CD test, we created a 702 MB (718384 KiloByte) image. We burned it onto a 700 MB blank disc at maximum speed in DAO mode.

As the screenshot shows, burning took 3:10 from start to finish. That makes this writer faster than the Yamaha. Waitec's Smartburn Technology' is clearly slightly more compatible with this particular media (ATIP: 97m 32s 19f, disc manufacturer: Prodisc Technology Inc.) .

Speed MaxData-CDR
24x10x40xLiteon LXR24101A04:17
40x12x40xWaitec Frisby II03:10
44x24x44xYamaha CRW-F1UX03:21