Holiday Buyer's Guide 2005

Rotograf Programmable Gaming Mouse

The Rotograf R2 Mark II Gaming Mouse is a small, LED-illuminated, highly responsive USB input device that offers an edge to gamers, who will appreciate its speed and precision. Minimal heft and clever design make the R2 ideal for tracking precision hand movements, like those required for high-end gaming and finely detailed computer-aided artwork.

This device provides granular control over individual X/Y positional sensitivity settings, LED luminance, and even supports its own programming language (dubbed PAL 2.0). PAL code, when combined with 32 kb of on-board memory, the 12 MHz Cypress CY64730035 processor, and an embedded OS, coordinates event sequences among its 4 top buttons and 3 pressure zones. Grip zones coupled with shift functions multiply the commands available through each button; these can be tailored on a per-application basis, and better still, the Rotograf is also fully customizable.

Due to the Rotary Grip Form Function the RTR-720 promises ultra-precise hand control, and delivers exactly that. Its size is approximately 35% smaller and lighter than that of conventional mice, yielding greater mobility in a reduced surface area. Each of the 7 R2 buttons is covered in a membrane switch - the kind of technology found on cellular phones or electronic remote controls - for instant response.

Precision tracking is provided via the steel ball bearing glides and 1600 dpi resolution (conventional mice are rated at 800 dpi) with a 16 bit wavelength-tuned optical engine. All these features combine to give the mouse a highly responsive feel and improved tactile feedback. Because the scroll functionality of the RTR-720 is guided by an 8-point compass, any directional flick of the mouse calls up another 8 commands from the instruction set. Since R2 design centers on use of the fingertips, response time is much quicker than for conventional mice. This is equivalent to leveraging the balls of the feet for quicker mobility as compared to moving flat-footed, as with typical mice.

The RTR-720 also features fully customizable components available in a variety of colors and opacities from the vendor Web site. And since the RTR-720 has no moving breakable parts, the durability factor of this gaming oriented mouse is hard to beat.

With the RTR-720 you may record up to 80 seconds of mouse movements for later playback, which is useful for reproducing complex attack sequences or chained command events, and store up to 30 individual application configuration instruction sets.

Accompanying the RTR-720 programmable mouse is its own unique KillenFlor mouse pad, which features a custom design intended to draw the mouse cord out of the path of movement, while providing a slick foundation for the ultra-sensitive control unit. KillenFlor is described as a tri-laminate semi-rigid poly vinyl acetate with a satin finish. It's specifically designed to be a low-friction surface for the steel glide bearings of the RTR-720, as well as providing an optically bright reflective surface to enhance optimal sensor reads. Also included is GWS KillenFlor Wax Mouse Pad Treatment, a topical lubricant of sorts to provide maximal glide.

Ed Tittel

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