Holiday Buyer's Guide 2007 Part 4

SuperTalent SATA25 SSD: The Next Step In Desktop Storage

By: Julio Urquidi

The whirring hum of the platter-based hard disk drive may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the up and coming solid-state technology built into today's solid state disk (SSD) drives. SSD drives are lighter, quieter and more durable than their moving platter-based predecessors. One shining standout this year in this arena has been the SuperTalent SATA25 SSD.

On looks alone, the SuperTalent 128 GB SSD appears just like any 2.5" disk; the price tag is another story...

Using industrial strength NAND flash technology, the 2.5 inch SuperTalent SATA 25 SSD work with most, if not all, OSes and fits just about anywhere a similar disk-based drive can go. Measuring at 69.9 mm x 100.2 mm x 9.5 mm, this notebook sized drive is very portable. And with no moving parts, the SuperTalent SATA25 SSD drive is rugged enough to withstand shock levels better than hard disks of similar size and capacity. In addition, Mean Time Between Failure on these drives is rated at more than a million hours, delivering a longer lasting medium for everyday storage needs.

Using the same 3 GB SATA interface as today's conventional disk based drives, the Super Talent SATA25 SSD works with any standard PC. That said, you'll want to confirm that the motherboard you decide to use is included in the SuperTalent SSD's compatibility guide. When connected to a supported board, the drive works very well, and guarantees that you'll get what you expect from this great flash-based drive.

The price range for the SuperTalent SATA25 starts at around $290 for the 8 GB model, up to $3,800 for the 128 GB model. Solid-state drives may not be cheap, but as a fast, durable, and extremely portable alternative to conventional hard disks, the SATA25 series could be a great investment.

  • trainer051
    XFX Warranty deos not exist here why:


    Hi, thanks for your message,can you provide more details of the problems you are experiencing.regards Jedy

    no video running on asus motherboard with 4gb ram and win7

    Hi , thanks for your message. would it be possible to try the card in another system just to double check that it is the VGA card that is broken, please update us, regards Jedy

    It has been tried in two other system and result were the same. THIS VIDEO CARD IS DEAD - NOT WOPRKING

    Hi, sorry to hear the card does appears at fault here. Please contact your supplier for more details. thanks Jedy

    After a long waiting, XFX is not honoring their responsibility for warranty. That is very bad. The retailer is no longer in business.

    Hi,Thanks for the update. please note that warranty is only officially with the reseller. We provide support for XFX products up to 2 yrs from the date of manufacturer, including a courtesy RMA service where it is difficult for people to obtain RMA service from the reseller, but please note that as your product was manufactured well over 2 yrs ago, I`m sorry we cannot help here. Best Regards.Jedy