Holiday Buyer's Guide 2007 Part 4


Here's a list of all six of our 2007 Holiday Buyer's Guides. To see earlier guides, just click on the appropriate link.

This installment includes some nice graphics cards to help improve Sarah's look on-screen, along with some other goodies to perk just about any computer up.

Introduction To Part 4

By Ed Tittel

For our fourth installment in this year's Holiday Buyer's Guide, we turn our focus to high-end peripherals and a nifty network server aimed solidly at home and hobbyist users. With the able assistance of our redoubtable site editors at Tom's Games and Tom's Guide, along with our sometime supermodel and full-time editorial coordinator Sarah, we've assembled this latest set of offerings for our interested audience of PC enthusiasts and hardware heavies. Those who charged with the care, feeding, and gifting of such persnickety persons can probably also find some inspiration for their Christmas shopping here as well.

In segment 4, we look at a compact and capable Bluetooth headset, and then go on to examine a couple of capable and capacious 500 GB hard disks along with an expensive but fast, light, and silent solid state disk (SSD). After that, we dig into a peachy wireless USB hub that lets you connect up to 4 USB devices to your notebook or PC without a cable between the hub and the computer it serves. Next, we check out a couple of really keen graphics cards, including a nifty and powerful 8800 GTS as well as snazzy 8600 GT for those on tighter budgets. We follow up with a small, portable device that lets you attach up to three monitors to a notebook or desktop PC, and then describe a very interesting wireless mouse that requires no setup or startup time to become functional. We close out this round with the very first product offering built around the brand new Microsoft Windows Home Server available in North America - namely HP's fabulous and affordable MediaSmart Server.

This latest installment is aimed as those with PCs to build, upgrade, extend, or service. Please read through this list to find something suited for the computer-oriented friends and family on your Christmas shopping list.