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Nvidia RAID Creation And Rebuild

Nvidia’s Windows-based Control Panel software can be used to adjust all Nvidia chipset-related settings.

RAID Creation

The “view storage configuration” item lists all available storage devices.

A setup wizard assists in making the configuration process smooth sailing. The RAID modes were translated into more user friendly terms:

  • RAID 0 = striping
  • RAID 1 = mirroring
  • RAID 1+0 = striped mirroring
  • RAID 5 = striping with rotating parity
  • JBOD = spanning

In the third set, you have to select all drives you want included in the new RAID array.

Default settings use large stripe sizes. Nvidia recommends using these.

RAID Rebuild

A wizard helps you initiate the rebuild process once you’ve replaced a faulty drive. Nvidia’s software will notify you of the changes and start the wizard, which displays the degraded array.

Obviously, the replaced drive will be the only storage device available to join the degraded array for rebuilding.