Important Pentium 4 Evaluation Update

The Most Controversial X86-Processor Of All Time

Two days ago Intel launched its new Pentium 4 processor, which was received by the masses with rather mixed feelings. Due to rather strange behavior in different benchmarks many people don't really know what to think about the new flagship CPU from Intel. The majority of Pentium 4-reviews draws rather negative conclusions and even in my own article from Monday I wasn't really able to see Pentium 4 as the great processor Intel wants it to be. However, Pentium 4 was able to score very well in 3D games and our MPEG4-encoding benchmark, it has a very compelling new design and will most likely show much better performance once software takes advantage of its new features and Intel brings up its clock speed. This is why I refrained from slamming this new CPU.

Record Reader Numbers Ask For Record Responsibility

On the very Monday of Pentium 4's release the web servers of Tom's Hardware Guide were under extreme load, making it difficult for many readers to download the pages of the Pentium 4 article . I would like to apologize for those inconveniences and also thank you for your faith in Tom's Hardware, as we scored a new record of 1.413 million pages that day. I would like to express my full awareness of carrying a huge responsibility towards all those hundreds of thousand faithful readers who rely on the conclusions of my articles. Unfortunately new results out of the still ongoing Pentium 4 evaluation have urged me now to change my stance on how I see Pentium 4 and I want to get the word out without any hesitation.