Intel's Frequency ID Utility

For Intel CPU's Only!

Out of curiosity I wanted to see how the utility would react to a non-Intel based processor. Even though Intel states in the utility's documents that it doesn't support non-Intel processor I thought it would make for an interesting test. So I installed the program on an AMD Athlon based system.

Strike out! The utility wouldn't go beyond this screen.


Although this utility isn't very exciting it does provide the user with an easy method to determine if the processor is truly what it is marked to be. If you are planning to go out to your local store to purchase a new shinny Intel CPU, download and run this program at the store to make sure you are getting the product you expect or at least run the utility once you get home to make sure your processor isn't carrying a fake ID. Now if only Intel would provide a nifty little over-clocking utility to allow us to adjust the core multipliers and core voltage! :)