Intel Celeron Overclocking Guide

Using Higher Voltages

Today, almost each processor can be run faster than the speed it was labeled for. This applies even more if you raise the core voltage a little bit. One problem is of course the increasing chip temperature, so cooling is very, very important. You should always raise the voltage step by step and never go higher than 15% beyond specs. This way it's quite easy to get a faster system without risking the processor.

2.1 or 2.2 V have proved to be reliable for Mendocino CPUs. More can sometimes bring the desired success, but the risk for your CPU increases heavily. To have a Celeron 566 running at 850 MHz, you only have to raise the default voltage of 1.65V to 1.75V. Our Celeron 600 did not want to run stable at 900 MHz, so I recommend keeping below this clock speed. You can try at 1.8 or 1.9V, but the temperature at almost 1 GHz can only be fought successfully by a high end cooling solution (e.g. Kryotech devices)

What Do I Need To Overclock The Celeron?

  • Big cooler with a powerful fan
  • A motherboard which provides as many system speed settings as possible (particularly between 66 and 100 MHz)
  • A motherboard which lets you alter the core voltage

Overclocking Speed

The following table includes all Celerons, clock speeds and useful voltage settings.

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CPUOverclockable toCore voltage
Celeron 300A100 MHz x4.5 (450 MHz)92 MHz x4.5 (414 MHz)2,1V2,0V
Celeron 333100 MHz x5 (500 MHz) *92 MHz x5 (460 MHz)83 MHz x5 (416 MHz)2,1V/2,2V2,0V/2,1V2,0V
Celeron 36692 MHz x5.5 (506 MHz) *83 MHz x5.5 (458 MHz)2,2V/2,1V2,1V
Celeron 40092 MHz x6 (552 MHz) *83 MHz x6 (500 MHz)2,2V/2,1V2,1V/2,0V
Celeron 43392 MHz x6.5 (598 MHz) *83 MHz x6.5 (542 MHz)75 MHz x6.5 (487 MHz)2,3V/2,2V2,2V/2,1V2,1V/2,0V
Celeron 46683 MHz x7 (583 MHz) *75 MHz x7 (525 MHz)2,2V2,0V
Celeron 50083 MHz x7.5 (625 MHz) **75 MHz x7.5 (563 MHz)2,3V2,2V/2,1V
Celeron 53375 MHz x8 (600 MHz)2,3V/2,2V
Celeron 533A105 MHz x8 (840 MHz) *100 MHz x8 (800 MHz)1,7V1,65V
Celeron 566100 MHz x8.5 (850 MHz)1,7V/1,65V
Celeron 600100 MHz x9 (900 MHz) *92 MHz x9 (828 MHz)1,75V/1,7V1,7V/1,65V
Celeron 633100 MHz x9.5 (950 MHz) *92 MHz x9.5 (874 MHz)1,8V/1,75V1,75V
Celeron 667100 MHz x10 (1 GHz) *92 MHz x10 (920 MHz) *83 MHz x10 (830 MHz)1,8V/1,75V1,8V/1,75V1,75V/1,7V
Celeron 70092 MHz x10.5 (966 MHz) *83 MHz x10.5 (875 MHz)1,8V/1,75V1,8V/1,75V/1,7V

* this setting may fail sometimes** this setting will most likely fail