Intel X38 Chipset: A Porsche with the Handbrake On

No Boards Under $283

The only board that was available to us at the time of testing was the Gigabyte GX-X38-DQ6. It is a DDR2-only board.

Buyers are going to cringe at the prices of X38 boards. Apparently, you can expect to pay around $283.

Gigabyte has set its recommended retail price for the X-38-DQ6 at $338, with the DQ5 version still costing $310.

We have compiled a list of motherboard makers that have already announced the model names of their X38-based boards.

Abit IX38-MAX
Abit IX38-QuadGT
Albatron PXX38
Asus P5E3
Asus P5E3-WS
Asus Maximus Extreme
Asus Maximus Formula
Biostar TX38D3-A7
Foxconn X38A
Gigabyte X38-DQ6
Gigabyte X38-DS5
Gigabyte X38T-DQ6
Gigabyte X38T-DS5
Intel BoneTrail
MSI X38 Diamond
Supermicro C2SBX

Ten companies have already announced the names of their products. Interestingly, Intel shines with a real product name, foregoing a cryptic designation for the first time.

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    the intel x38 chipset is looking like so good that idont no what this future