KFA2/Galax GeForce GTX 1080 Ti EXOC Review

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Fans & Noise

Fan Control & Fan Curves

Under a gaming workload, the difference between running on an open test bench and inside of a closed case is apparent in our charts, and audible as well. The start-up pulses are a bit clumsy, compelling us to wish for stronger hysteresis control.

Since the GPU stays cooler during our stress test, the fans spin a bit slower as well.


On the first page, you may have noticed a "Custom-Made Proprietary Measurement Chamber" in the test setup table. We're often asked about the minimum measurable noise level in that room. So, today we include a control reading for reference.

In our gaming loop and on an open test bench, we end up with almost 38.4 dB(A). That's acceptable for a two-slot GeForce GTX 1080 Ti armed with two fans. This goes to show, however, that slimming the board down does have consequences. Greater airflow ultimately has to compensate for reduced cooler surface area.

The measured value would go up to 40.9 dB(A) in a closed case if we set the fan speeds in our test chamber to a fixed value.

During the stress test, we measure 38.9 dB(A) on an open test bench and 40.5 dB(A) in a closed case. That's a good result; it's only slightly above the values observed during the gaming loop. The reason why the value on our open test bench is a bit higher here than it was during the gaming scenario traces back to the voltage converters, which are slightly louder under duress, even if they aren't explicitly bothersome, per se.

What you do hear across the the entire spectrum, however, are the fan motor and bearing noises. They aren't extreme, but you will notice them.

The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti EXOC has a compact cooler that conceals the physical disadvantages of a two-slot solution quite well, so long as you stick with KFA2/Galax's moderate factory settings. The result is not super quiet, but due to a fairly neutral sound characteristic, the outcome is still acceptable.

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  • sosofm
    A review about this 1080Ti http://www.kfa2.com/kfa2/graphics-card/hof/kfa2-geforcer-gtx-1080-ti-hof-le.html
  • SirFlamenco
    Is it a blower design
  • Busdriver1871
  • FormatC
    19861508 said:
    A review about this 1080Ti http://www.kfa2.com/kfa2/graphics-card/hof/kfa2-geforcer-gtx-1080-ti-hof-le.html
    Just in work, stay tuned :)

    But in comparison with the dual-slot EVGA this solution is not worse. You can save a lot of money (and space), if you haven't such a big case. It is our job to show both sides of life - the Ferraris and the butter-and-bread cards. :)

  • 19861700 said:
    Is it a blower design
    You can tell just by looking at the pictures.

    Blowers have exactly 1 fan.
    Blower fan blades are oriented such that the air will flow sideways.
    Blowers have a casing that's designed to lead the air to the back of the card (out of the PC).

    Not only does this card have 2 fans, the fan blade orientation clearly shows that the air will flow towards the card, and the casing is obviously open, which means the air isn't led anywhere.

    So, no, it's not a blower design.
  • Magnus Thunderson
    2 HDMI 2.0 and 2 display ports would of been a much better choice but the I do not care as can not justify spending that much on a video card
  • photonboy
    Magnus Thunderson,
    I don't agree. I think 3xDP makes more sense. DisplayPort is becoming the standard for monitors, and people buying expensive GPU's may want a TRIPLE MONITOR setup with an HDMI left over for a BluRay playerThere are also OTHER configurations of cards for people who have different needs.
  • ninjustin
    EVGA needs to work on their box art Is that a Jugalo on that box?
  • 2ndLastjedi
    I just got one of these GPU's, it sits at 2038 with a +136 on core @70c and can do +500 on memory but im concerned about the memory temps. Do you think the cooler solution is going to keep the memory at a safe temp with this OC?
  • 2ndLastjedi
    No one?