Leadtek WinFast GeForce 256 DDR Review

Benchmark Results - 3DMark 2000 16Bit

It's humorously obvious that the SDR GeForce was absolutely held back by its lack of memory bandwidth. The WinFast GeForce DDR blows everyone away. Fear the overclocked performance as well. I noted that there were some visual issues for the Viper II. I'm not sure how valid the test score will be once it's fixed.

S3 was kind enough to ship me a new driver that would feed my need for comparing the Viper II with the GeForce in a quad-texturing test. The Viper II appears to blow away all but the overclocked GeForce board. Note I said appears. Once again this test is possibly invalid for the Viper II as it has visual issues. Once the driver not only works but also works correctly, I'll be happy to crown the Viper II our new quad texture fill-rate king.