Locking up Linux: Creating a Cryptobook

EncFS Setup Process

Make sure the FUSE kernel module is loaded (modprobe fuse) prior to invoking the command-line utility. EncFS also trivializes the process of establishing a cryptographic container, as described in the screenshot below.

A basic run-through with the EncFS implementation setup.

LUKS Setup Process

Disregarding the key setup process (which will be specific to each situation), LUKS configures easily as summarized in the following steps:

  1. Formatting the block device as a LUKS volume
  2. Opening the LUKS device (making it available to the system)
  3. Formatting and opening a block device as LUKS.
  4. Formatting the mount-point (making it available to the user)
  5. Formatting the mount-point for storage purposes.