Making A Case for the LAN and Office

Portable, All-Aluminum Midi-Tower

Lightweight aluminum case

The new NZXT case is not only built for the LAN party crowd, but is also designed for business use. This elegant midi-tower's design will thus not look out of place at a LAN party or in a manager's corner office. And with a weight of only about 13 lbs (6 kg), this midi-tower is one of the lightest cases of its kind.

A Look Through The Big Side Window

The front door is covered by a metal plate.

The swing-out front panel door is clad in aluminum to keep its look and feel consistent with the rest of the case. Behind the veneer, however, you'll find a plastic door, like that of many other midi-tower cases. Above the door, you'll find a display that reports values from three internal heat sensors built into the case. Temperature values are reported either in Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on case version. N

The front display shows all three temperature readings.

The illuminated fans show up best in the dark.

Cable guides are tightly integrated with the case.

Siggy Moersch