Making A Case for the LAN and Office

Plenty Of Room For Components On The Inside

The interior is spacious and highly accessible.

Even the case interior shows itself to good advantage. The aluminum parts are polished to a shine and all edges are beveled. The motherboard standoff mounts are all clearly labeled, making motherboard installation simple and straightforward. Special plastic shims that enable drives to slide easily into and out of the case (and may be attached or removed with the drive in hand) are provided for 3.5" hard disks and 5.25" drives and devices, with rubber grommets in all mount points. This not only gives drives a secure mechanical seat inside the case, but also provides acoustic decoupling from the case and limits noise.

A look at the inside

Motherboard mount points are labeled for easy alignment and use.

Large drive cage for 3.5" disk drives

A metal clamp ensures tight seats for expansion cards.

Siggy Moersch