Making Videos on the Fly With Sticky Pod Camera Mount

Slow Speed Testing

An hour after receiving the Sticky Pod, we tested it in slow speed conditions in Westlake Village, California. We attached it to a 1992 Saturn SL2. The Pod was mounted externally to the passenger-side window facing forwards.

The test lasted approximately 30 minutes as we drove around the neighborhood, 101 freeway and to the local Taco Bell. The Sticky Pod was not touched or readjusted during the test.

The Sticky Pod passed the test by remaining attached to the car's surface after driving over steep driveways, potholes, manhole covers and rough roads. You can watch the video at the end of the article.

Lateral G-Load Testing

What kind of lateral G-forces can the Sticky Pod take? We found out by giving the Sticky Pod and the My Sticky Pod to the professional drivers at Element 6 Designs. The Sticky Pod was attached externally to the lower driver-side door facing forwards. The My Sticky Pod was attached to the back window glass facing backwards.

Element 6 Designs did two high-speed 360-degree burnouts with their test car, a 1995 BMW E6 M3. The Pods stayed on and the amazing video is at the end of this article.