Making Videos on the Fly With Sticky Pod Camera Mount


Usually, we don't mix flying airplanes, doing donuts and driving 135+ miles per hour with our product reviews, but this review necessitated such a gonzo-like review process. The Sticky Pod mount lets people attach camcorders or cameras to any smooth surface such as car windows and doors. Tom Heibel, the inventor of the Sticky Pod, promises that his system enables devices to remain attached at 110 MPH for long periods of time.

Does the Sticky Pod live up to Mr. Heibel's claims? We torture tested the product by hanging a fifteen pound weight on it, doing high speed donuts, driving at 135+ MPH and finally by flying a Cessna 152 with the Sticky Pod attached. Did it stay on? Keep reading and watching, as we have included several downloadable videos at the end of this article.

Cost And Where To Buy

There are two types of Sticky Pods. The regular Sticky Pod is the original rectangle-shaped design with four suction cups. The homepage of the Website says it will stay on a vehicle at more than 110 MPH. Mr. Heibel even says that customers have used the Sticky Pod on vehicles going 238 MPH.

The My Sticky Pod is a smaller triangle-shaped design and purportedly remains attached to car surfaces at 40 mph. As you will see later in this article, we were able to go much faster than the 40 MPH claims, specifically 95 MPH faster.

The Sticky Pods are sold as kits that contain the base and various accessories such as extensions, knuckles, tethers and extra suction cups. Every order comes with a CD that contains instructional videos. Also on the CD are videos of how other people have used the Sticky Pod. The videos are in .MPEG and .WMV formats, which is very convenient for the Apple and Linux crowd. All of the Sticky Pod products can be bought on their website .