Making Videos on the Fly With Sticky Pod Camera Mount


Before using the Sticky Pod you should wash the suction cups with warm water and household soap. This is explained in the instructional video on the included CD. The cleaner the cups, the better they will stick to the surface.

Also, you should prepare the surface of the glass or car body before attaching the Sticky Pod. Use Windex or any other cleaner to wipe away the dirt from the surface. This will provide a smoother surface and enhance the sticking power of the suction cups. This will also prevent any scratches to your vehicle.

Obviously you will need a camera or camcorder to mount to the Sticky Pod. The camera/camcorder will need a threaded mounting socket, which is normally used for tripods.


You can mount the Sticky Pod on any smooth surface. Normally this would be the window of your car, but it can also be put on the car body like the hood or side panels. Since the knuckle has a wide range of movement, you can point your camera/camcorder any way you want.

You attach the Pod by pushing in the suction cups one at a time. Do this a few times to make sure all the air is out from between the cup and the surface. If you are mounting it to your window, support the glass by bracing the inside of the window while you push on the suction cup. The cups are released by peeling a corner off with your fingernail.

The suction cups are extremely strong . We were able to shake the car by pulling on the Sticky Pod.