Making Videos on the Fly With Sticky Pod Camera Mount

Tips For Usage

If you want to get the best out of the Sticky Pod, use a camcorder that has image stabilization. This will take out the shakes that inevitably result from driving over rough roads. Most of the Mini-DV camcorders will have some type of image stabilization built in, so this is not a problem.

Another good thing to have is an Ultraviolet filter cap, which is clear cap that you put over the lens of the camcorder. You can buy these for about $10 at most electronics stores. The cap will protect your regular lens from impacts from bugs.

Having a remote control for the camcorder will allow you to have better control over the video shoot. Most of the higher end camcorders will have a remote control that allows for stopping and starting of recording without having to actually touch the camcorder. This would be useful for camcorders mounted on the front hood or anywhere where you can't easily reach.

We found other interesting uses for the Sticky Pod. It can be used as an inexpensive stabilizer for your camcorder. The weight of the base and the extensions will dampen most of the vibration during filming. Sure it looks weird, but it works.

Not only is the Sticky Pod good for outside shots, but it can be used inside the car as well. You could film out the front window as a sort of "dash cam." Or you could attach the Pod to look at the speedometer. Another common way of using the Pod is to aim the camcorder at the driver for "rolling interviews."

During our testing, some people voiced concern that the edge of the Sticky Pod could scratch your car if the base came loose. Putting a few layers of duct tape around the edges would help prevent these scratches. Of course, if the base does come off then scratches to your car will be the least of your worries.


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Slow Speed Test1 Min 25 SecondsPreview 2.6 MBFull Quality 11.9 MB
Burnout Test28 SecondsPreview 1.0 MBFull Quality 4.1 MB
Highway Run1 Min 29 SecondsPreview 2.8 MBFull Quality 12.6 MB
Cessna 152 Test48 SecondsPreview 1.5 MBFull Quality 6.9 MB


If you want to have take pictures or make movies from your car, then the Sticky Pod is for you. It withstood high turning forces and 135+ MPH driving. It held a 15-pound weight for an amazing three hours and 21 minutes. The Sticky Pod does a superb job and if there is anything better, we haven't seen it.